The Social Web of Social People

From cave drawings to e-mail messages, human communication has been an evolutionary process. Being deeply social creatures renders communication inevitable for us, human beings. We desire to interact, communicate, live and work with others whom we know and who know us. It Is therefore of little surprise that an information and communications network like the internet is littered with hundreds of social Networking websites. Be it Orkut, FaceBook, MySpace or ApnaSpace or any other social networking website, the popularity of social networking sites has skyrocketed in recent years.

Social web

Social web

In a way it is a micro-phenomenon of a much larger macro-trend that the internet has spawned since its birth, that is, a means of communication and digital self-expression. Although there is some debate as to an actual definition, social networking basically refers to an online community where one connects and Communicates with others on the internet.

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The PALM OS – Way Beyond WAP

Readers have already gotten a taste of the wireless possibilities of e-commerce and the word WAP is clearly on everyone’s lips. I am, therefore, all the more determined to widen the spectrum on wireless and mobile ways of doing business and take you well beyond WAP.



Allow me then to take you into the wonderful world of the palm OS. This is the system that today powers over 75% of the worldwide personal mobile handhelds market.

It all began in 1996 when introduced the original Pilot 1000 running on the palm OS. To most professionals who wanted an easy way to manage the coming and goings of business, trips, desktop and office work, Palm’s pilot was an attractive option.

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Rabi Cycling to Generate the New Silicon Wafers

After the Mac OS X, the failure to satisfy the Moore’s law is considered as sign of apocalypse in the industry. The law is a mere conclusion from the patterns observed. According to the phenomenon, the silicon chip features are doubling once in 18 months.

Rabi cycling

A photographic circuit image is etched on to silicon wafer with photolithography techniques. The silicon chip circuit etching is controlled by the diffraction limit of light. The current optical and imaging systems fail to make tinier dots of light due to higher limits. Conventionally silicon wafers are coated with photosensitive chemicals on which a circuit image is projected using a projector. The chemical undergoes reaction upon the interference of light rays and washing in acid removes the unexposed portion of the silicon wafer. Light waves excite the chemical molecules which gets destabilized and susceptible to acid wash.

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Random Gadgets Review 2

Toshiba A300 PSAGCA-09Y01N

The A300 is a full-sized laptop with a high-gloss finish and a 15.4in WXGA display. My review sample ran Vista Home Premium on a Core2 Duo P8600 2.4GHz processor with a hefty 4G of RAM and a 400G hard drive.

Pros: With specifications like this, you’d certainly expect the A300 to perform well, and it didn’t disappoint, acing my performance tests both for basic office applications and more hardcore efforts like video rendering and gaming. As with many Toshiba laptops, the keyboard is very good, with excellent key travel characteristics.

Cons: It’s certainly powerful, but there are some drawbacks to that. First up, it’s physically huge – this is much more a desktop replacement machine than a portable machine. Also, having that much power also requires power, and the A300’s battery life was distinctly average.

Overall I give this a 3.5/5 – A good match for those who want power in attractive casing.

Apple iLife ‘09

Apple’s iLife ’09 suite updates the compan’ys ‘fun’ suite of applications, including iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iWeb and iDVD. New features include facial and geo-tagging photos, star lessons in GarageBand and a reworked iMovie interface that’s easier to use.

Apple iLife ‘09

Apple iLife ‘09

Pros: The new facial recognition feature in iPhoto is surprisingly addictive. GarageBand is well suited now to experts (who will love the flexibility) and novices alike.

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