Review of LaCie 1TB Rugged All-Terrain Hard Drive

The LaCie Rugged XL Portable 1TB Hard Disk Drive is sleek and has a stylish design. It will meet all normal storage requirements on the go.

Specifications :

1 Terabyte of usable space.

Portable rugged design for spectacular performance.

Connectivity for eSATA as well as USB 2.0 at 3Gb/sec.

Compact size measuring 5.1(W) x 1.7(H) x 8.5(L) inches.

LED indicator for overheating alert.

A stylish and sleek design thanks to Neil Poulton.

Features :

This Hard Disk drive provides for one terabyte of usable storage space through a high-speed USB 2.0 interface and eSATA connection at 3 Gb/sec. Dissipation of heat generated during operation is helped by a scratch-resistant Aluminum alloy case. There is an inner bumper to provide for resistance to shocks. An external rubber surround on the hard disk protects it during transfers. The rubber surround is colorful too. The inner bumper and the rubber surround make Rugged XL so rugged.

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Decisive Strategy Working Better in Favor of ATI over its Competitor Nvidia

It all seemed like a long bitter marketing battle involving ATI and Nvidia the end to which was far off though creating uncertainties giving the impression that Nvidia shall be winning, which in its reality proved otherwise.

These two happen to be giants sharing almost entire consumer GPU market. For the time being Intel’s onboard graphics alternative is being ignored and at the moment no prediction can be made in respect of Larrabee GPU, because there shall be different strategies.

Nvidia had opted for high end yielding high margins based on low volumes expected, whereas ATI had gone ahead the other way with consolidation on mainstream market.

This market is source of their bread and butter. Thus ATI was offering a better price and performance solution. The scenario changed with Nvidia faced with struggles due to insufficiency in product differentiation. Nvidia was compelled to engage in trick styled marketing by affecting renaming of the old product.

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The Too Big, Too Light & Too Strong MDR-EX1000 Gentle & Sweet to Ears

Sony has come out with a very large 16 mm dynamic driver. It is almost as big as one can get on any of the IEM. The uniqueness being that its 16 mm driver is using a variety of modified Liquid Crystal Polymer compound, and is the excellent material available for developing the formation of diaphragm out of it, having higher rigidness properties associated with high degree of internal loss as a result of deploying modified liquid crystal polymer, this all are responsible for high accuracy in conversion of signals to the sound waves.

In addition there is “transverse field pressing” technology adopted in the manufacturing process resulting boosting of the magnetic force of 440KJ/m3 yielding very powerful neodymium magnets put to use in the drivers, achieving superior sensitivity to the minutest alteration of signal.

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Review of Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 hard drive with 1000GB capacity

Seagate, known for its reliable hard drives, now manufactures hard drives that are eco-friendly in nature. Apart from capability and performance the 12-generation drives of barracuda family proved to consume power, creating environmental friendly systems. Seagate barracuda 7200.12 family consists of hard drives whose capacities range from 1000GB, 750GB, 500GB, 320GB, 250GB and 160GB. All these drives have their unique performance and ability to save power. This 7200.12 family hard drives offer performance, capacity and reliability with good combination. The pros and cons of Seagate barracuda 7200.12 hard drive with 1000GB capacity is reviewed in this article.

Specifications of barracuda 7200.12 1000GB hard drive:

The 7200.12 1000GB drive has a 3GB/s SATA interface with NCQ. It has a cache memory of 32MB and it has the ability to work with sustained data rate of 125MB/s. The maximum throughput rate of this barracuda can sustain up to 126 to 131MB/s, which makes this barracuda the first hard drive to achieve this speed with 1000GB capacity and spindle speed of 7200 rpm. The acoustic output of this drive is 2.5 bels and 2.7 bels during idle and seeks situations respectively. Combining all these specification, the barracuda 7200.12 1000GB delivers high performance than its rivals.

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