How To Recover Administrator Password Using ERD Commander

Have you forgotten administrator password for your Windows 7/Vista/XP powered computer, now you are worried that you have to format and reinstall windows in order to gain access to your windows admin account. Well It happens with many of us and even though we have helped other in this we don’t take care ow our own password. We tend to forget and this is a normal human tendency.

But you can recover your forgotten password using Lock Smith utility which is part of ERD Commander tool by win internals. How to do that is explained below.

E.R.D. Commander by Win internals —

ERD Commander is part of the Microsoft Diagnostics and recovery Toolkit and can be downloaded from Microsoft’s site or other sources you know.  Among several method which can be used to Rest admin password in Windows 7/Vista/XP ERD commander is one of them.

This tool is very useful if you don’t have more than one working admin account in your windows installation and you lost password for that. Also You don’t have password reset disk as well as Windows Installation disk, or lost any or both of these.

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How To Use Skype

Skype’s pretty much the default ‘name’ when it comes to VoIP (that’s Voice over IP, or layman’s terms, using your Internet connection as a virtual phone line) application. As such, rather like eBay or Google, it’s got a critical mass of users that makes it a very compelling proposition. Using Skype to call other Skype users is free (aside from any broadband connection you’re using, that is), and some of Skype’s plans are very competitive. I say some, because there’s a catch here.

The straight up fees for many Skype call to landlines are, in fact higher than many VoIP providers – companies like MyNetFone, Engin, Pennytel and GoTalk, for example – but if you take out a Skype subscription service (currently around $15 per month, but it fluctuates depending on currency conversion rates), Skype will let you make up to 10,000 minutes of calls a month to landlines across 36 countries. That’s only fractionally under a week’s continuous talking each month, which should be enough to satisfy even the hungriest phone junkie.

What You’ll Need To Use Skype

A PC – I’ve used the latest version of Skype, 4.0, which is currently available for Windows only at this stage, but Skype offers clients for Mac, Linux and a number of smart phones as well.

Broadband Connection – A minimum speed of 384Kbps is suggested by Skype if you want to make video calls, although slower connections should do well enough for basic voice calling, especially if you’re not using the broadband connection for anything else at the time.

Webcam – For video calling — You can always receive video calls if your caller has a camera, but two-way video conversation is much more appealing. Bear in mind that video calling is more data-intensive than just voice by a large margin, although Skype claims that the video format used in Skype 4.0 is more data-efficient than previous versions.

Headset Or Handset – The classic way to use Skype is with a PC microphone and headset plugged directly into the computer, but a number of manufacturers offer full Skype wireless handsets – not dissimilar to a cordless phone – that you can also use if you don’t want to be tethered to your PC.

Setting Up Skype

One of the nicest things about the Skype is that it’s easy to do and has lots of practical information within the setup routine to help you get the most out of your Skype account. Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up Skype for voice and video calling.

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Windows7 - 7 Most Used External Feature Are Now Built In

So Microsoft has Announced release date of Windows 7, Beta build was out in market and now Even Windows 7 RC is available. You might have downloaded and tested it and you must be thinking it looks cool but don’t know what it has. Except for Internet Explorer 8, new Taskbar and few other fixes. You want to know What’s so cool about Windows 7, and what coolest feature it has which will remove the need of few Third party software. So it’s not only Memory efficient by itself, it eliminates need of several third party tools which will save Money and Resources for your Desktop.

We bring few of them out here, will present more in future. But Tell me how would you like if you can defrag multiple drives together, or You can burn ISO right into Windows itself, and using Virtual Hard drives or even booting from them… Won’t you like the system more than ever… If yes Then you gonna like Windows 7 very much…

1. Now Control UAC from Control Panel

This feature is top in out list as many Windows Vista users were annoyed from UAC, and way this small utility secure your PC. This is because it shows warning messages every now and then for every single action which is against it’s security policy. Vista Users have no choice but either disable it or  use with annoying prompts.

But Windows 7 improves this by adding a control to User Account control. Now you can set levels for warnings it display and when to display. This will be less irritating now or even it will ask your permission only if System is changed in a way which can be harmful. I am simply loving UAC now hope you also will feel like same.

2. Burn ISO images From Windows

This feature is something for which every Windows user was waiting for long. While Microsoft himself distributing beta images as ISO files but there was no way Windows can read the ISO files.  but now They have included this feature in Windows 7 .  No You can burn ISO images to CD or DVD by double-clicking the ISO image, choose your DVD writer, click ‘Burn’.

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Want To OverBurn a CD - Here is how with Nero

You have a large audio or Video file which is just above Normal Capacity of your CD. Then You can use OverBurn option to avoid splitting the it up and burning on Multiple CDS. Though it is recommended to Split the file and avoid overburn because of obvious problems associated with it but choice is yours. Here we will present a tutorial on how to Overburn a CD with Nero.  However if you have an ISO or CD image which appears to be larger then CD capacity You can simply burn that without any hesitation it must be created from overburned CD.

Overburning DVD is not at all recommended because a large number of people found that last section of DVD becomes unreadable even if you don’t overburn. In such a case if you overburn you will not be able to read DVD properly.For DVD’s it is always recommended to use data a bit less than actual capacity of DVD. If you have video files which are greater in size that capacity of your DVD, I would Suggest that split the file in multiple files. Or alternatively you can also use DVD Shrink to reduce the bit rate of Video files which In turn reduce the size of Video files.

First Check following things  Before Starting OverBurn CD–

Most of new models of CD/ DVD writer supports OverBurn, if you have an older model you will need to verify that it supports overburn. Also OverBurn is supported by Nero version 6 or later…

You also must have CD-R media which need to be overburned, and you will have to configure Nero Option (explained below), If you are Overburning a CD, you can not use it in Mutisession, You have to Finalize the CD and use Disc-at-once method of Writing CD.

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