iExplorer HD-The Unsung Tool for Optimal Mobile Access!

Technology is rapidly innovating. We have reached the days when desktop PC’s are about to become reserves rather than the main thing. If you’re amongst the plethora of people who seek to find the best out of mobile access, then the iExplorer HD is definitely the new thing to add on your iPhone.

Major Features on the Surface

On a naive viewpoint, you may think that it’s a replica of the sluggish Internet Explorer due to its name. But, it’s not. It’s a package of all the good stuff you could need whilst on the run.

iExplorerd HD

-Access Cloud Server
Get to play music, view photos or anything under the radar straight from your palms with your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

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Motorola Xoom Latest in Hardware & Bridging Capability to 4 G

It is the First Android 3.0 Honeycomb Touch Tablet, Google’s power wielding operating system created more especially for tablets and features Google’s latest Mobile Innovative capabilities. It is having 10.1 Inches Display capability besides necessary optimization enabling highly defined Video in its real 16 : 9 wide screen formatting enabling HD video viewing of the content highly rich and clear, which was never so before.


Motorola XOOM

Motorola XOOM™ has entirely different new media experience benefiting the mobile uses. With the advantage of NVIDIA Tegra’s dual core chipset, all the things have very fast movement like: browsing of the web, playing back of video, playing games, with the support of Adobe and Flash.

There is inbuilt support function to the front and rear cameras are provided easy access to each of the camera individually. There is presence of gyroscope, supported by powerful graphics engine. There is built-in hardware acceleration fir elevating game designing to a entirely new level.  It is very thin and light in weight. Motorola XOOM has been in a position to cross limitation boundaries by wide opening the entirely new world of possible reach.

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Dell Streak Compact Device – Great in Function Made For Perfect Go

Dell Streak is an excellent device for entertainment, social connecting and navigation supported by 12.7 cm (5” Screen). The presence of wide screen displaying gives optimum design benefits in mobile web experience besides viewing videos and movies.

Dell Steak

Dell Steak

Integration of Social Networking Widgets and applications, with addition of applications sourced through Android Marketplace. The glass screen has Crystal-clear effects and is damage-resistant by virtue of Gorilla®  glass screen. The Multitask support of Google Android OS which gives the freedom for doing what one desires to do. There is a 16GB SD Card included with it.

When one is on the move with Dell Streak, it seems all the best times are packed with you by carrying it with you.  The brilliantly designed features with the aid of 12.7 cm (5-inch) screen there is great surfing experience, watching videos and staying connected. There is virtually no squinting or pinching feeling in the eyes. The presence of both Front and Rear cameras with 5MP3 resolution, are helpful in capturing photo shots and videos with finger touch easy operations.

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Eee Pad Slider & Transformer the New Tablet Computers Showcased

There has been announcement of Following New Tablet computers created considering the need of wide ranging users as details given below:

1. The Eee Pad Slider.

2. Eee Pad Transformer.

These new models shall be available having 3 Screen Size variations making available choice of either operating on Windows® 7 Home Premium or Google Android® operational systems offering Extremely Excellent mobile flexibility and productivity.

ASUS Eee Pad Slider

ASUS Eee Pad Slider

Making the need based right choice is essential essence of selection of highly innovative and technologically superior personal computer devices. Considering the users opting for tablets, it is clear that they need a device offering complete multimedia effects while using HD Video, broadband connectivity option besides use of gaming and high range of media compatibility featuring all the standards similar to Abode flash considering the compactness of the device.

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