How To Backup and Restore Windows Registry

We have been giving several tips regarding hacking your registry, but playing with registry may be dangerous. You should always take backup of your registry file before making changes about which you are not sure, what would be the result of. If you take a backup before changing registry value you can easily restore it later.

Here in this tutorial we will tell you how to take backup of registry and later how to restore that backup in case you did something wrong with your registry.

How to Backup Registry

  • Click on Start, and select Run.
  • In the Run box, type regedit, and then click on OK Button.


  • From the File menu, Select Export.


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Change Thumbnail Size and Quality

Thumbnails are used to show a preview of image without opening the image in any Image Viewer or Editor. To Show thumbnails of pictures in Windows you have to enable thumbnail View. Once you enable Thumbnail view windows create a Thumbnail Database file (thumbs.db) in same folder and cache the thumbnails of images into this file. This way windows will show you preview of images faster next time you browse through same set of pictures.

If you like the Thumbnail view of images but not satisfied with quality or size of the thumbnails you can change default setting of these by using following registry hack.  (Always backup your registry before making any changes).

However Before changing these settings be sure that your computer have enough RAM and processing resources to handle these. As Thumbnail views can use a lot of system resources making your computer slow. If you increase the quality and size of thumbnail view, Browsing through files will require more time as building thumbnail is quite a slow process. Also if you have very large folders with thousands of images in it. Then it will be very time consuming and also your thumbnail cache can grow big.


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Where Do I Go To Get Help With Windows

Benjamin Franklin is often quoted as saying “In this world, there is nothing that is certain except death and taxes”, but had he lived in the 21st century, I’d bet my last bag of lollies he would have added “and problems with my computer”.

For every problem Microsoft seems to solve, there is another one or two that rear their ugly heads. If it wasn’t the case, I’d never have to endure another Service Pack update!

But what do you do when your Windows Vista computer doesn’t behave itself and stops doing what you want it to? You can call Microsoft for help, but if you do that, make sure you have your credit card ready, because the company charges to help these days. Some help!

You could just type your problem into Google, but a much quicker and safer way to search for a solution is to try your luck on one of the following Microsoft Web sites. You’ll find they are well worth a visit.

1.       Windows Vista Solutions Center

The first place you should look is Microsoft’s own Windows Vista Solutions Center. It lists all the popular questions users have asked. Thankfully, those questions have been divided into neat categories such as ‘Home networking’ and ‘Printing, scanning and faxing’. This site covers more generic questions, but it’s a good first port of call if you run into the problem. And yes, it’s free. Head to

Now, if only Microsoft could solve its spelling problem and call it ‘Solutions Center’!

2.       Microsoft Answers Beta


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Windows7 – 7 Most Used External Feature Are Now Built In

So Microsoft has Announced release date of Windows 7, Beta build was out in market and now Even Windows 7 RC is available. You might have downloaded and tested it and you must be thinking it looks cool but don’t know what it has. Except for Internet Explorer 8, new Taskbar and few other fixes. You want to know What’s so cool about Windows 7, and what coolest feature it has which will remove the need of few Third party software. So it’s not only Memory efficient by itself, it eliminates need of several third party tools which will save Money and Resources for your Desktop.

We bring few of them out here, will present more in future. But Tell me how would you like if you can defrag multiple drives together, or You can burn ISO right into Windows itself, and using Virtual Hard drives or even booting from them… Won’t you like the system more than ever… If yes Then you gonna like Windows 7 very much…

1. Now Control UAC from Control Panel

This feature is top in out list as many Windows Vista users were annoyed from UAC, and way this small utility secure your PC. This is because it shows warning messages every now and then for every single action which is against it’s security policy. Vista Users have no choice but either disable it or  use with annoying prompts.

But Windows 7 improves this by adding a control to User Account control. Now you can set levels for warnings it display and when to display. This will be less irritating now or even it will ask your permission only if System is changed in a way which can be harmful. I am simply loving UAC now hope you also will feel like same.

2. Burn ISO images From Windows

This feature is something for which every Windows user was waiting for long. While Microsoft himself distributing beta images as ISO files but there was no way Windows can read the ISO files.  but now They have included this feature in Windows 7 .  No You can burn ISO images to CD or DVD by double-clicking the ISO image, choose your DVD writer, click ‘Burn’.


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