Asus Rampage Extreme III Queen arrives for market

The latest Asus motherboard is called high-end, as expected, Asus Rampage Extreme III, and comes to be the successor to the Rampage II that we have tested in the Mountain GTM 900.

The Asus Rampage Extreme III will be used with Intel Core i7 high-end, those who make use of socket LGA1366 and X58 chipset. The Rampage III belongs to all products from Asus ROG, Republic of Gamers, and is also a plate ready for overclocking thanks to the ability to store and set up multiple profiles in the BIOS settings, which we saw in the previous model.

With a design in red and black pretty accurate from my point of view, includes a series of passive coolers around the microprocessor and chipset over. It will bring six DDR3 memory slots compatible with Triple Channel and four PCI-Express slots, which can be used with configurations of more than two NVidia graphics in SLI and ATI CrossFireX.

A very interesting and puts it a step above the previous effort ROG X58 is the arrival of USB 3.0 and SATA 6 Gb / s native, integrated on the motherboard. Two rear USB 3.0 ports, plus another 2 SATA 6 Gbps ports on the inside to connect compatible hard drives. Needless to say, also include several USB 2.0 and a handful of SATA2 (3 Gbps), to maintain compatibility with existing peripherals.

In short, Asus Rampage Extreme III is a motherboard for those who want to have the most powerful on the market, besides being ideal for overclockers, since it includes several useful technologies and features that are not present in other boards in the market. Its price has not been announced, but it certainly will be around 300 euros which now costs a Rampage II Extreme, with an object that could almost be regarded as a collector.

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