Intel Core i7-980X’s official: the six cores come to market

Yesterday we talked about it, and now it’s official. Intel’s new microprocessor, called the Intel Core i7-980X comes to innovate as few have done in the past.

Its features are already known by many, even more so after recent leaks. Its main attraction, bring the 6-core to our homes, which also emulate 12 threads through Hyper Threading technology. As we discussed, we speak of a CPU that is the manufacturing process to 32 nanometers and also brings an integrated GPU, as we see in all the latest models produced by this manufacturer.
(Update: Intel Core i7-980X does not include integrated GPU, which is quite logical considering the processor is and what is intended)

Intel has introduced the Core i7-980X in the GDC 2010, which we assume is a product that users want to focus gamer, one who seeks maximum performance on your computer in order to have the best frame rate per second the highest possible quality.

Intel Core i7-980X, the first of Gulftown

This new model is especially important for being the first domestic market to bring six cores. There are already several years certain server models that bring the number of cores, but until now had not reached our homes.

Intel Core i7-980X is also the first Gulftown family, with the code name is known to this platform. May be used on plates with LGA1366 socket and will work with the Intel X58 chipset. It seems that existing users of X58 will have to update the BIOS for complete compatibility.

The technical specifications are the same as we discussed in previous entries: base frequency of 3.33 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 3.6 and compatibility with triple channel DDR3 memory. Nothing you do not already know, but since Intel has not updated their lists, we can not confirm you 100% of the specifications or features promised.

3.0 GPA, a little surprise

Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers, Intel or GPA, is one of the few surprises or new features as such but to us, the users, something catches us off. Have used the launch of the 980X to present the new version of this small application.

GPA is a software developer that will allow them to keep a count and a study of the use of the CPU within a given program, be it of any kind (games, professional cutting application, browser, etc.).. Specifically, Intel states:

Intel GPA is a powerful, agile tool suite “enabling you to please use the Full Potential performance of Intel ® CPU and Graphics Integrated Systems, Including new Intel ® Core ™ HD Graphics and Intel ®-based systems. Intel GPA visualize performance data from your application, Allowing you to Understand where in the system and in individual frames are Being Spent cycles, and “enabling you to Perform ‘what-if’ experiments to Estimate Potential gains from performance optimizations. Optimizing your code for Intel ® Integrated Graphics and CPU’s Potential Increase the sales of game title to the ever-increasing mainstream desktop and mobile gaming spaces.

In other words, Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers is a tool that developers can study how the CPU behaves with their programs, in order to optimize them and make them much more efficient. We’ll see if developers take note and tomorrow we get our software to fully utilize existing hardware.

Intel Core i7-980X, which we expected. Conclusions

With nothing new on the front, the latest Intel Core i7-980X is presented as a high-end device, with a great price (close to EUR 900-1000) and a brutal performance (in TomsHardware already have enough analysis Full, where he placed just over i7-975 in the vast majority of evidence).

Although, of course, mortals can do little more than drooling before him. Few such savagery of money spent on a processor that, even the fastest model, innovative market within a few months will be enhanced by a new model even more efficient.

From my point of view, I reiterate what I said on other occasions, the Core i7-980X is not a home processor to use, but a show of force by Intel, a marketing campaign with which they want to show their strength to compete with AMD in the lead.

For some time, AMD is focusing on offering good products with better value for money than Intel, but it is the latter that evolve with innovative technologies and interesting from a purely technical point of view. However, what is it that interests the average user? The final performance, and that’s where I think AMD is slightly ahead. Not long after the latest releases of i3 and i5, though.

However, within the high-end users, the most advanced user profile, with greater experience and a bulkier pocket, Intel is the ideal solution. The Core i7-900, starting from 920 and ending with the latter 980X, are great if your budget is in line with them. They are not the best in terms of money, but you can say they are the best in quality, power and performance, and Intel Core i7-980X is the latest example of this.

Note: As mentioned, Intel has not updated its list of processes, with the specifications of the 980X final and have not yet been published, as well as certain information such as cards that support it. As this information becomes available we will send you.

UPDATE: Yesterday we made the mistake to say that the new Intel Core i7-980 GPU included within the same chip. As expected, does not include it, so we need an extra GPU. Forgive us for any inconvenience or misunderstanding that we have caused.

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