Samsung 9 Series Laptop Rolling Hi-features Model

Samsung Electronics America Inc., being subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Corporation, made announcement in respect of its 9 Series light weight Laptop Computer with the features of durability with ultra premium features International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It is a 13.3 inch laptop suitable for mobile professionals experiencing its power while working on it or using for entertainment purposes.

Samsung Series 9 Laptop Coming Shortly
Samsung Series 9 Laptop Coming Shortly

The design is amazing with Superbright Plus display feature assuring Intel processor power matched with performance, which the notebook brings in new era of mobile computing capability.

Unique Style with No Comparison

The 9 Series laptop has been crafted deploying material called Duralumin, used in advanced aircrafts building by virtue of which it is two times more durable than aluminium and still the weight of the laptop is less than 3 lbs. For developing the 9 Series based on the new material, there has been extensive testing carried out for ensuring the sturdiness of the notebook, improving upon the looks coupled with advanced technology feature building the confidence of the users in the laptop.

For designing the 9 series laptop, the tip for its beautiful sleek design, has been chosen from the modern day sports cars. The outer shapely contour raises high the imagination about capability of speed all kept in ultra-tin 0.64 inch profiling. With presence of its natural flow of the arch adds to ergonomic feeling one gets experience by holding it in the grip, which fits perfectly.

The Ultra Vivid Display Feature

The 9 Series boasts of a LED lit screen, offering users the highest quality visual viewing offered by Samsung, ready with SuperBright Plus Display featuring 400-nit brightness, bringing the Digital images and multimedia backed by 16 million colors combination appearing truly as live representation aided by 1, 00,000:1 contrast ratio offering very rich computing delight for the users for their top level excitation and pleasure to own a unique system. In addition to routine features there is very wide 160 degree of viewing angle involves the users to feel appreciation of the pulsating images seen from vantage points.

The 9 Series Laptop can be used with great convenience from lap as well on the desk. It is equipped with ambient light sensor adjusting the displaying of brightness matching to the lighting conditions of the place and helps in reduction to the user’s eye strain. Such an innovation in the feature is added by an automatic adjustment in the backlit keyboard, which is seen adapting to darker lighting conditions creating greater illumination.

Inside Dressing with Innovations

The 9 Series has the integration of 2nd generation  processor with CoreTM i5, offering to the users the most latest capabilities in performance available in computer technology. Intel HD graphics, equipped with newer processor, ensures delivery of visuals as clear as crystal, amazing colors and smoothness reflected high quality videos and audios playback. The 9 Series deploys Samsung’s high efficiency polymer-lithium combination batteries with nearly 6.5 hours battery life.

Lithium polymer batteries ensure extending the useful life of the product having two times lifespan ranging up to three years or 1,000 charging cycles. In addition, there is variety of charging settings. The users have great options for getting the maximum benefits through the operations.

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