How To Recover Administrator Password Using ERD Commander

Have you forgotten administrator password for your Windows 7/Vista/XP powered computer, now you are worried that you have to format and reinstall windows in order to gain access to your windows admin account. Well It happens with many of us and even though we have helped other in this we don’t take care ow our own password. We tend to forget and this is a normal human tendency.

But you can recover your forgotten password using Lock Smith utility which is part of ERD Commander tool by win internals. How to do that is explained below.

E.R.D. Commander by Win internals —

ERD Commander is part of the Microsoft Diagnostics and recovery Toolkit and can be downloaded from Microsoft’s site or other sources you know.  Among several method which can be used to Rest admin password in Windows 7/Vista/XP ERD commander is one of them.

This tool is very useful if you don’t have more than one working admin account in your windows installation and you lost password for that. Also You don’t have password reset disk as well as Windows Installation disk, or lost any or both of these.

To Use ERD Commander just follow following steps –

  1. Start your computer and enter into Bios Setup.
  2. Change your boot preferences to boot from CD /DVD.
  3. Insert your ERD Commander Bootable CD.
  4. Once the ERD Commander starts booting it will ask you for Windows Installation, select appropriate installation for which you need to reset password.
  5. Once ERD is loaded it will present you a interface similar to windows.Click the START button, Select System Tools > and then select Locksmitherd-commander-start
  6. From Locksmith choose the admin account for which you need to reset password.  Enter you new password and close Click Start Button again and restart the PC.lock-smith1

And here you go, you are done. In addition to recover lost password ERD commander can help you in several other windows admin task in case your windows is dead. We will put more on that later.

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