How To Repair A Water Damaged iPhone

How many times have you almost dropped your iPhone into a puddle?  How many times have you dropped it into a puddle only to have it get ruined by its encounter?

Most people would buy a whole new iPhone at this point, especially since most warranties don’t cover water damage, but you may not have to.  A water damaged iPhone can be repaired, if you know what you’re doing; however, there is no completely foolproof method of repairing a water damaged iPhone.  These tips though should at least help.

1) Get The iPhone Dried Fast

If your iPhone accidentally takes a swim, get it out of the water as fast as you can and check it out.  Occasionally, if you’re lucky, your iPhone will work, or at least still partially work.  Next, dry your wet iPhone with a towel, as much as you can, and try any one of the following.

2) Turn Your iPhone Off

Leave it turned off for 48-72 hours so it can air dry and not get fried by being turned on with water in the circuits.  Put the iPhone somewhere warm and well ventilated, but not too hot or you’ll do even more damage to your phone.  And, don’t turn it on for the duration of up to seventy two hours or the drying effect will be ruined.  For some people, this works, other times, not so much.


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