How To Backup and Restore Windows Registry

We have been giving several tips regarding hacking your registry, but playing with registry may be dangerous. You should always take backup of your registry file before making changes about which you are not sure, what would be the result of. If you take a backup before changing registry value you can easily restore it later.

Here in this tutorial we will tell you how to take backup of registry and later how to restore that backup in case you did something wrong with your registry.

How to Backup Registry

  • Click on Start, and select Run.
  • In the Run box, type regedit, and then click on OK Button.


  • From the File menu, Select Export.

  • In the Save box, at the bottom select radio according to your choice if you want to backup entire registry select all (recommended), You can also take selective backup (advanced users only)


  • Now¬† select location where you want to save registry backup file, it will create a .reg file, with the file name specified by you. Give some descriptive file name.

How to Restore the Registry

To restore registry from Backup simply double click on .reg files you created in above step and then click OK on next message prompt….

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