Effective and Free AntiMalware – Malwarebyte

Malwares and Spywares are spreading over the internet very widely these days. And there are several Malware removers available to download. Only few of them are fast and lightweight application with lots of feature. MalwareBytes’ Antimalware is one of the best antimalware available on net which is free to download and use as well.


Malware Byte is very fast and it uses very less amount of system resources while running or scanning. At the same time it is very effective as well. It’s free version scans all drives pretty fast and it’s false detection ratio is very less. If you go for paid version you can get real time protection also. The paid version cost you only 24.95$ per license which protects 3 PC at your home.  It’s Malware database is updated regularly and it can catch newest Malwares and spywares because of the same reason.

Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware runs on the edge as far as detection and removal of Spyware or malware is concerned. It can quickly detect and destroy most of Malware which sometimes well known antivirus and antispyware failed to find for which you have to pay a lot.  Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware monitors all process running on your computer and detects any harmful process even before it executes.

Some of it’s key feature are as listed below —

  • It Supports Windows 2000, XP, and Vista (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • Very Light  and speedy  scanning.
  • Can perform full scan on all hard drives.
  • Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware Protection Module. (requires registration)
  • It’s malware database is updated almost daily.
  • Quarantine feature is also available to hold threats and restore them at your convenience.
  • You can add processes to Ignore list for both the scanner and Protection Module.
  • Settings let you enhance your Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware performance.
  • A small list of extra utilities to help remove malware manually.
  • Available in many languages.
  • Works with other similar applications without any problem.
  • Can be run from command line.
  • Provides Context menu integration to scan files on demand.

Best thing about Malware bytes’ antimalware is it’s free for personal use, very small in size and very fast to install and detect Malwares. It can also removes rouge Security threats. Only disadvantage I can find in it that it can not block malicious websites, but on the other hand it detect the files downloaded from those sites and destroy harmful code if injected on your system.  Another drawback is it will provide real time protection only if you buy the license.

The effectiveness of Malwarebyte is excellent, there have been very low number f infections which it can not detect, in my personal use none so far.  I have tried it on one of my friends computer which was loaded with all several spywares and it removed almost every piece of them. in my opinion it should be your first choice if you are worried about spywares and malwares installed on your system which can become a security threat.

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