Send 1GB Large File As Attachement

Well these days each and every Free Webmail providers are giving you lots of free space, even some of them have given Virtually unlimited or Unlimited space… Like Gmail is giving more than 7Gb space (and counting) . Yahoo gives you unlimited space and same as rediffmail…

Also All of these Free mail provider are giving you a Large attachment size, varying from 10-20 MB but that’s not enough if you want to share Large Videos and Lots of pictures. So Pando is a free service which can be used to send large file in single email (as large as 1Gb for free and 3GB with Paid version). It works with free web email services such as gmail, Yahoo Mail,  Hotmail and many others, and it also works with the email program on your own computer.

What is Pando and How It works ?

Pando is free personal Peer-to-peer software using which we can send and receive large file and folders through email. When you send large files using Pando, It uploads file to it;s own server, and then create an attachment of a small file (much like torrent). This pando Attachment can be opened using Pando on remote computer which in turn will download the files from it’s server sent by original sender.  You can send files over IM, or you can also publish the files on Forums.

It’s concept is quite same as used in torrents, as you can open Torrent file and then it find and download files available all over the world similarly Pando works on P2P protocol.Some of the features of Pando are listed below –

  • It creates a .pando attachment instead of putting your actual large files.
  • It will not fill out space in your Inbox neither do in Receiver’s inbox as Files sent are small pando attachments, and actual files are hosted somewhere else.
  • It has built in Download accelerator and and Download manager to download and manage your files. You just need to open Pando attachment.
  • It can Email files and folders up to 1GB(free) and 3Gb (pro and Paid)
  • Use with any email or IM, no registration to any new site is required.
  • It also tracks the download history, and let sender know how many time and when it was downloaded.
  • Send and forget, receiver can downlaod anytime he wish.
  • You need not to manage any upload or FTP or any other information, everything will be managed by Pando.
  • You can also publish downloadable media to your web site or blog, free.

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