Chrome OS – Will It Bring Revolution ?

By This time you must have heard of Google Chrome OS. It is the newest, much talked about project from Google where they are planning to release an OEM OS which will not be sold individually but as a part of integrated OS with new notebooks.

Google Chrome OS
Google Chrome OS

Main objective behind this chrome OS is to create an Operating system which will do everything online. You don;t have to buy any other OS or application for your daily needs. You can browse the web, edit document and do everything else you want to do with just few clicks. In case you need to do something new for which you don;t have software, simply go to online app store click few buttons and you are all set to do whatever you want. Google is developing wide range of applications as well to use with Chrome.

Google developers Began working on this famous , not launched OS in 2009. On November 19th they released they released source code of this and also launched Chromium OS project. Chromium OS project is a bit different then Chrome OS as it is being developed by Open source community where anybody in the world can download the source code and change it as per their requirement or play around to learn the basics. Much like Linux. At this point of time it is safe to say that Chromium is a another flavor of Linux but totally revamped for need of today’s Netbook and Web Users.

Coming back to Chrome OS, Google claimed that there OS will boot in less than 10 seconds and almost instantly wake up from sleep mode. With this OS you will super long battery life and you will have connectivity at all places with the launch of 3G mobile data plans.They claimed to have build in Anti Spyware, Malware protection and anti virus so you don;t have to worry about security of Netbook and your data. Also in case you get infected with a very rare chance you will have Online backup of your data so recovery will be smooth without loss of data. Now with this objective you can be sure about recovery and no data loss, as Google mind is behind all this.

The most fascinating feature which I personally liked is Google Cloud Printing Concept where any device can print using any printer accessible through device.However we still have to review how that would be possible ?

Another important thing about Chrome OS is pricing, Google has indicated that it will not have any license fees and hence our guess is that we will get out netbook equipped with Chrome OS at low cost almost equal to Hardware price only. And based on fact and Google’s plan we believe that Google plans to earn through Ads they will be displaying in the application you will be using along with OS. As most of the Applications are online this is quite achievable. Users will get it for free so they won;t mind seeing some ads and this will create a never ending revenue stream for Google.

To summarize it All I can say Google has evolved as God for every Online users and they can do anything – at least this is what it seems as of now.

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