Tips To Speed Up Google Chrome

Well Google lunched new version of Google chrome which is much faster and stable, You also loving it and it’s becoming your favorite browser as you simply loves it’s clean interface and speed of browsing. Here are some good tips which can improve your experience further and you will love this fantastic browser more than ever.

Just follow these tips and see how Chrome improves in performance –

Disables usage statistics of Google Chrome

This option is used to help in Development of Google chrome, It send your usage data to Google so that based on that they can further improve Chrome. But if you are worried about system performance you should disable it . To disable this go to tools menu > Options > Advanced and uncheck the check box which says Send usage data to Google….

Disable DNS Preload in Google Chrome

This will prevent Google chrome to keep DNS info in their cache. Most of time it is unnecessary if you have a good connection of  at least 256kbps or more. It is recommended only for slow dial up connection or Mobile users who actually spend a lot f time in DNS query during browsing.  To disable this you have to go Options > Under the Hood > Privacy – There are 2 check boxes one says ‘Use a web service to help resolve navigational errors’ and second is ‘ use a prediction service to help complete searches and URL’s typed in address bar’.

You can disable both option or any one of them, first one is used only if you make a mistake while typing any URL while other one is activated by default every time you start typing a URL.


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Send 1GB Large File As Attachement

Well these days each and every Free Webmail providers are giving you lots of free space, even some of them have given Virtually unlimited or Unlimited space… Like Gmail is giving more than 7Gb space (and counting) . Yahoo gives you unlimited space and same as rediffmail…

Also All of these Free mail provider are giving you a Large attachment size, varying from 10-20 MB but that’s not enough if you want to share Large Videos and Lots of pictures. So Pando is a free service which can be used to send large file in single email (as large as 1Gb for free and 3GB with Paid version). It works with free web email services such as gmail, Yahoo Mail,  Hotmail and many others, and it also works with the email program on your own computer.

What is Pando and How It works ?

Pando is free personal Peer-to-peer software using which we can send and receive large file and folders through email. When you send large files using Pando, It uploads file to it;s own server, and then create an attachment of a small file (much like torrent). This pando Attachment can be opened using Pando on remote computer which in turn will download the files from it’s server sent by original sender.  You can send files over IM, or you can also publish the files on Forums.


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Windows Defender – Anti Spyware from Microsoft

Windows Defender has features of spyware scanning capabilities, somewhat like other free spyware-scanning products that are available in the market. It includes several real-time security agents which can monitor various common areas of Windows regarding changes which are caused by the spyware. It has the ability to effectively and easily remove the installed ActiveX applications. It has also got an integrated support for the Microsoft Spy Net network, which allows the users to report directly to Microsoft, if they consider anything to be a spyware, and which device drivers and applications they consider to be allowed for installation on their very system. The functionality has increased, in Windows 8 operating system, to provide virus protection as well, as if providing similar functions as Microsoft Security Essentials does.

Windows defender
Windows defender

Windows Defender is like first defense line against unwanted software and spyware. It is easier to use in Windows 7 and Windows 8, with more scanning options, simple notifications, and providing less impact on the performance of your computer. (more…)

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IT Culture & Women

A recent study indicated that 42 million women in the United States which is roughly 53 percent of the 79 million adult women in the country used social media frequently. In the addition to this, a survey conducted by the mobile data Association reported that 74 percent of women say that they have text messaged in the last two minutes, as compared to 26 percent of men. All these statistics prove that women are technologically forward but don’t consider texting or social networking as using technology.

Women generally abandon considering IT as a career in their early teens. This is the time when girls should be involved in computer clubs and other IT related extra curricular activities to change their perception. What women don’t realize is that technology is a part of out everyday lives and shapes the lives of both men and women. Therefore, why should women be left out in the process of developing technology? Secondly, the lucrative IT sector opens doors to hundreds of high paying jobs and women should be able to take advantage of that.

Women should also develop technical skills because most businesses most businesses these days are built on technology and having such skills equals power and prestige in large corporations.


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