Death Day for VGA has been Announced

Video Graphics Array Port or more commonly known as VGA Port are set to die in next 5 years. Recently Intel and AMD both announced that they are planning to phase out support for VGA by 2015.

As per reports VGA will be replaced by more advanced Display Port and HDMI Output. These are new technology and supports better resolution and graphic capabilities compared to VGA. Another big factor in phasing out VGA is it consumes more power than other new alternatives.  VGA is considered as bulky as well because of its size and cable requirements.

Most important factor is VGA uses analog technology and these days almost all new graphics related hardware are built on Digital technology which are not compatible with VGA. In fact recently Intel has launched something called Wireless display which will use your Wi-Fi network to transmit display from laptop or desktop to Projector or your HDTV. Thinking about Wireless display, one must be sure that with time it is going to pick up by users or other similar more efficient technology will be developed.


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