Netbook or Notebook – Which One to Buy ?

These days Netbooks are getting popular and everyone seems to like a netbook. And since Google announced their Chrome OS for netbooks, it is gaining more popularity. Main reason of people going for Netbook is because they are very portable and cost efficient. Netbooks and notebooks seems almost similar but there is a lot of difference between them and before you decide to buy a netbook you must see and know these difference. Otherwise you  may end up buying a netbook which might not be able to fulfill your need.

Here we compiled list of some important differences between 2 similar looking devices —

Netbook or Notebook
Netbook or Notebook

The first major difference is Power and Battery life. Netbooks are more power efficient and gives you more battery life because of its smaller size. But on the other hand if we talk about Computing power they are way behind the Notebooks. Netbooks are primarily designed for day to day jobs like Surfing, doing simple calculation, emails, managing simple document on the go. They are equipped with very low computing power or less capable Processors which can easily handle the low computing task and gives you excellent mobility with long battery life.  For Business users , one very good use of netbook can be delivering presentation to your client efficiently as you don’t need much of resources to do that.


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