Print File List by Right Clicking on Folder

Have you ever tried printing the content of a directory or file list you have stored in directory? It seems impossible as there is no inbuilt feature of doing that…

Next question is why you want to print directory listing ? Well you might be having lots of MP3 stored there and you want to upload the list to internet so that your friend can ask what they need. Or you might want to have a hard copy of your files stored in the directory and most commonly used reason is you want to create a CD label with list of files stored in it…

Ok So now there are 2-3 different method to do same, we will discuss all of them here..

Method -1 – Printing form DOS Command prompt-

To print using dos command prompt please follow these steps —

Start a command prompt (run -> CMD), change to directory for which you want to print the file listing and then type the following command.

dir > print.txt

This will creat a directory listing and store the output in a text file called print.txt Once you created the file you can open it any text editor and print the content or alternatively you can directly print from command prompt by using this command –

print print.txt

When your print is complete just remove the file.

Method -2 – Add a menu option in Explorer for printing Directory Listing –

If you frequently print listing of files you can add a menu option in context menu of Explorer for printing the file list stored in a folder,  to do so by using following steps –

1. Create a batch file called Printdir.bat.  To do so pen Notepad or another text editor and type (or cut and paste) following text:


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