Registry Hack to Speed Up Your Network

You are tired of getting slow speed on your own Private network? Files present on other system opens very slowly and even it takes a long while to show name of available computers on network. Then you should try this registry hack.

This registry hack will not speed up your network access but it can also speed up your Internet Access speed. While using DialUp connection I have seen a boost of about 25% in internet speed where on higher speed connection it goes about 10-20%.

Increasing Network Browsing Speed

When you accessing your other computer on network, You get slow speed because of a special feature on Windows which is showing scheduled task on other computer. By default when you browsing Networked Computer, you cr computer will query and show the task which are scheduled on other computer. This process consumes some time and thus slowing down the process of showing computer and computer shares over the network. If your system is a bit slow you might feel like your system is hanged while it keep querying for these information.

Windows XP: Speeding Disk Access

The solution to this problem is very simple and straight forward, despite problem itself is a bit complex. As Scheduled task information is not useful for anyone unless you are configuring them remotely, you can safely disable this feature to speed up access to remote computers. This will increase the response time As your computer will not wait for information related to Scheduled tasks on remote computer. This can be done by editing registry and deleting related Registry key. To complete the process please follow the steps mentioned below –


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