How To Change Sleep Button Into Power Button

Unlike Windows XP, Vista/ windows 7 default power button does not shut down windows. It will put your computer in sleep mode and this is something quite useful from Microsoft point of view but users find it annoying. To shut down Windows 7 you have to go right of Power button and select Shut Down from a pop up menu.

If you are among those annoyed users don’t worry Microsoft designed a solution for you as well. Actually Microsoft guys have done a great piece of job by adding programmable Power buttons, you can decide what you want to do with default Power button (shut down, Hibernate or Sleep) using Power option in Control panel.

If a User wants to Shutdown or Hibernate his PC quickly this sometime comes frustrating as you hit sleep button and then you find that it went to sleep mode. then to shut down you have to wait till it wakes off ask for login password again and then you can shut down it using other menu. So we bring you a solution for this by programming that sleep button into a Power button.

Here we will explain you how to do that —


  1. Open Control Panel and then Open Power Options.
  2. Now select Change Plan Settings for current  power plan (selected by default)
  3. Select option Change Advanced Power Settings.
  4. Expand Lid and Power Buttons.
  5. Expand Start Menu Power Button.
  6. Change setting from Sleep to Shutdown.
  7. Click on OK button.

And you are done. Now the default Power button in start menu will work as shutdown button, you can select any thing else in step 6 described above.  Microsoft knew that users will not like sleep button and so they enhanced the capabilities of power button by adding option to program them as you like. I have changed mine to Hibernate as I like to Hibernate my computer instead of  Shutting it down or making it to sleep.

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