RamDisk – Using More than 3GB ram on 32 bit OS

So You have just upgraded your RAM on 32 bit OS from 3Gb to 8GB and what’s this, system properties still shows only 3.xx GB of memory in use…

This happens because windows can address at most 2 ^ 32 address location in RAM which is just above 3GB, so it discards anything above 3GB. There is no way 32bit Windows can use more than 3GB however, there is an application which can make use of extra ram as Paging File.  Using extra ram as Paging file will greatly improve your systems performance because of access time difference between RAM and HDD…

To create RamDisk from your excess RAM you need an application call “RAMDISK” (http://www.superspeed.com/desktop/ramdisk.php). It will cost you minimum $34.95 for Basic Version for more details on Pricing look at above mentioned page.

Ramdisk is used to create a Virtual disk from the excess RAM which is not used by 32bit WIndows Operating System. The Virtual RAMDisk appears in my computer like a physical hard disk attached to system for OS and other programs. You can configure it’s size, drive letter and file system etc, but maximum size you can define is as per available RAM. You can perform all operation as you do in a physical HARD Disk (like copy, cut, move, delete), but files stored on this drive will be erased as soon as you shut down your system because it is created from RAM and will not be permanently stored. RAMDisk can also be shared and used from Network system.

The difference which makes RAMDisk usable above hard disk is access speed. The time required for a hard disk to read data depends on RPM and other Hardware factor where RAMDisk is almost 50 times faster than that.  Reason behind this is very simple that it don’t have any mechanical parts.

How To use RAMDisk for Performance Boost

To Boost system performance using RAMDisk, you need to create a DISK out of your excess ram and then change your Paging file to be stored in this disk, this will reduce the time taken for paging file to read HDD and you will feel a severe performance boost.

The process to do this is explained below –
Install RAMDisk and configure your excess ram as drive. If you have a 8GB RAM create a RAMDisk of 5GB and assign a drive letter(H:) to it.  Make sure that you allocate only Unmanaged RAM otherwise it will try to use RAM which Windows is using and can lead to system freeze and unpredicted results.

  1. Go To  System Properties (right-click My Computer on Desktop) –> Advanced –> Performance [Settings] –> Advanced tab –> Virtual Memory [Change] –>Click your Hard Drives and check “No Paging File” then “set” .
  2. Click H: (Ram Disk) and choose System Managed Size and if you wish you can use Custom Size and set inistial size and Maximum size equal to your size of your RAMDisk.
  3. Start — Run — Regedit [open] goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE –> SYSTEM –> CurrentControlSet –> Control –> Session Manager –> Memory Management –> [doubleclick] ClearPageFileAtShutdown and change option to “1″ and click OK. This will make sure that paging File is purged when you shut down your windows. and when you restart System will not try to Look for pagefile and cache it while booting
  4. Restart the Computer and now enjoy your computer using full advantages of your RAM > 3GB.

You can Also use your RAMDisk for temp files or any other operation or for any other application. It’s up to you. wherever you requires high access speed use it and then later transfer those files to Hard Disk.

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