How 2 Find Everything uploaded on Rapidshare and are the 2 most popular file hosting service provider among the internet users for downloading and sharing of files. Though Rapidshare has several restriction for Free users but despite that internet users prefers rapidshare above others. There are several utilities also available to schedule downloads  from Rapidshare.

Rapidshare also offers premium membership, after getting which you can use any download manager to download from rapidshare. According to some approximation currently rapidshare is hosting Several terabytes of files.

Though Rapidshare does not allow public searching of files hosted by them, but we can search internet for links to files hosted on rapidshare. All of these links are posted by users of rapidshare to share files with friends or on forums.Rapid share was so popular in past that it was only choice of uploaders, as there was no other webservice providing large amount of storage space, and neither webmail account had so much space.

To search files hosted and shared by other we can format our search query in Google as given below, Just copy and paste the URL in your address bar as given below —

All Downloads (replace * with your query):*

Apps Downloads:

Movies Downloads:

Results of these searches would look something like as shown in following image —


You can search several other sites like,, and lot more with similar queries, simply replace with site you searching on.

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