BluRay – How It Stores So Much Data

Well, these day we commonly hear about Blu Ray disc and some of US use it too. Some of us even know what it is ? and How much capability is has. But very few of us know details about it. This article will tell you everything about Blu Ray in detail.

Blu Ray
Blu Ray

Blu Ray Technology was developed and released by Sony at the time when HD DVD was well known to people and movie viewer has started buying High Definition Video Disc and player a lot.  A lot of movies were released in HD DVD format and viewer Buy them a lot as they already have a HD DVD player at home. Just when HD DVD was going to have Monopoly in High Definition User experience Sony announce launch of Blu Ray format.

During Launch Sony claimed that Blu Ray disc have much higher capacity and better Data transfer rate than any other format available in market. They also claimed that this will rule the world of HD and Data capacity in a disc for a long time. Blu Ray disc can store 5-10 times data in a single Disc of same size as DVD, but problem is Sony make it in such a way that it will require a proper Blu Ray Drive/Burner to use this format.

These disc can not be played in existing DVD Drive/ Player or HD players. Now Sony released several movies which were exclusively available in Blu ray format for High Definition format and can not be watched on existing HD DVD Players. This really helped Sony to increase their market share in High Definition video market.

A blu-ray disc looks like any other DVD, having the same size and dimensions. But still it can store so much data, now question is how it is possible ?? Answer lies in wavelength of 405 Nanometer used by Blu Ray drives to read and write data on the Disc. This is basically a Blue/Violet Laser light with the exact wavelength of 405 NanoMt. This is why it is called Blu Ray Disc. The first generation DVD And CD uses a read laser with higher wavelength and this is the reason they can not store as much data as Blu ray Disc can.

But then if that is the case then how is it able to store so much data? The answer to this lies not in its physical dimensions but in its write/read technology. Blu-Ray uses a blue violet laser having a wavelength of 405 nanometers to read and write data on the disc. This laser is where this technology got its name from. Unlike the blu ray, first generation DVD’s and CD’s use a red laser having a much larger wavelength to read and write data. The Normal DVD Laser wavelength is 670 Nanometer and can store maximum of 4.7GB data.

Anyhow Sony was really successful with their technology, and now the days Blu Ray players are widely used through out the world despite the fact that this Disc can not be read in any other player/ Drive. Now the days Personal Blu Ray burners are available in market and as technology is spreading price for Disc and writer/ player for Blu Ray disc is also falling.  This seems technology of future.

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