Remake of Goldeneye 007 Now Out on Wii

Eurocom and Activision, the creators of the game Dead Space: Extraction has come out with a whole lot more exciting repackage of Goldeneye 007 for Wii Gamers. In an attempt to be more current with the 007 film franchise, the game now features 007 having facial and vocal similarities to Daniel Craig instead of Pierce Brosnan. Although, the game still features some more familiar scenarios from past game editions, some extra bits have been added to them as well. The new 007 has a whole new selection of villains and gadgets that can do even more at a short distance.

GoldenEye for WII
GoldenEye for WII

Ease of play is also one more noticeable feature in this game. Players now have a wider range of selection for their game controllers. Wii Classic Controller, Gamecube controller, Wiimote are some of the new modes players can set for their game pads, with the major aim been to give players an even more comfortable and intriguing gaming experience.

While Wii, would always have its critics, there is very little anyone can have about this particular game. There is an enhancement in the effects and sceneries which all contribute towards making Goldeneye 007 a better gaming experience. Realistic music makes even the club setting in the game so lifelike and pulls a player even deeper into the game.

There are however still some areas that could be made even much better. Although, the characters look good, a lot more can still be done with by using graphics with higher definition.

GoldenEye Game
GoldenEye Game

The game also slows down in some instances, which may be hardware related. There is also a need for subtitles to be included in the game, as there seems to be none included in it.

However, these little drawbacks are quite easily forgotten as players really get into the mood of the game. The game has a lot of playing options available and the levels for each of the game have been well thought out to allow players employ multiple strategies in approaching the game. Players can choose to play using sneak attacks or just mow down villains using a silencer.

In Goldeneye 007, Bond’s phone has become an even more powerful tool which can be used to hack, snap pictures and can also be used in making phone calls. The phone replaces, the spy watch favored by past 007 game editions in a more imaginative and functional way. This is perhaps in deference to the great importance mobile phones now play in the lives of the average individual of today.

Some other noticeable changes in the game include the ability for players to restore their health by staying under cover for a period. However, for those wishing for more difficulty while playing, this feature can be disabled by switching the game to Classic mode. Other modes available in the game includes the Operative mode that allows players to quickly progress through the game as they will only need to complete the main objectives of each level. The Agent mode increases the difficulty for the game and also adds more objectives, while the 007 mode really tests a player’s mettle with even more difficulties and objectives.

The game can also be played either in single player mode or multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode, the game screen can be divided into four as players face up to each other either in the same room or through the internet. It must be noted though that there is no way to communicate vocally if the multiplayer mode is done via the internet as it seems Wii has not integrated this into the game. In all, gamers who choose to try this game will find it a worthy experience and can count it as money well spent.

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