20 MG of Carbon Dioxide Produced by Google Per Query

Internet surfing Environmental Enemy:

Websites, which are rich in graphics, animations and rich media content burn energy faster, producing as much as 20 milligrams of carbon dioxide per second the website, is viewed.

Google emerged strong with its arguments in favor of its environmental initiatives. In a formal response published on the official response published on the official Google blog, the senior vice president of operations at Google gave a modest   figure of two milligrams of carbon dioxide being spewed into the atmosphere per search query.

The figure was later accepted by the Sunday times, which, in an addendum, later adjusted its point of view Google, according to the statement, takes ‘seriously’ the impact made by information technology consuming an increased amount of energy. Co score reported a starting 10 million monthly search queries received by Google last year and, taking the emission levels at their face value, that still leaves us with 2,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every monthly by Google alone.

Rich internet content has fueled demand for higher bandwidths and download limits. Mobile internet connects even more people via wireless devices and portable computers. With a flood of Web applications and a looking prospect of cloud computing and remote applications, the internet’s role in out day-today interactions is evolving at a great speed.

The issue may be labeled a false alarm today, but the internet energy bills could be surging at an increasing rate in the coming years. The core value of the internet lies in its ability to share tiny amounts of information among millions of users. Similarly, the energy demands will also be paused by millions of search queries, website views, and document-sharing and so on from around the globe. The internet is claiming an increasing share of lives of an ever increasing number of people. With no prospects of the IT tide ebbing, our already fragile environment may be in for the worse.

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