The Nokia E71X – Great Phone Got Better

This is a device that is to gain favor very quickly among the business users looking for a business smart phone at a very reasonable price. The phone has a cool list of business features and also supports AT&T’s different services. The design is hot and appealing in a very business-like way, almost the same as Nokia E71, but this one is in captivating black.


Very rarely does a Nokia’s E series phone make it to a U.S carrier; however, it was a time of AT&T customers to rejoice when they announced that they would bring out the E71x to its customers.

What makes one want this amazing gadget the most is the unbelievable price of $99.99 (with a two year contract with AT&T). Compared to some of the other business smart phones it’s a great deal, considering the attributes of this phone and the outstanding design.

The features of the phone include 3G, Bluetooth, GPS, a 3.2 MP camera, Wi-Fi and other AT&T services, which are not available in the E71.


The phone has great multimedia features for personal use as well. The music player supports most formats including WMA, MP3, W4A, AAC, AAC+ AND e AAC+. One can easily categorize the songs in order of artists, albums and genres. You could also create your own playlist. There is also the option of listening to the radio or even watch videos in 3GPP and MPEG 4 format using RealPlayer.

The AT&T services include AT&T Navigator, Mobile, AT&T XpressMail, AT&T Music and Video.

The phone also has text-to-speech technology making it easier for you to hear not only messages, but call history, clock, contacts and so on. However, the voice could sound mechanical, this feature is ideal for checking messages while driving the car.


The phone has an internal memory of around 110MB and can easily accept an 8GB memory card.

The only possible downside to the phone is that the GPS has some problems at times, as the functionality has may have glitches and can be rather slow. The YellowPages feature works rather well providing listings of businesses and their details.

The performance of the phone is excellent with least possible holdups. The call quality of the phone is very good; however, speakerphone quality wasn’t as good as the sound could be inconsistent sometimes. The web browsing experience with the phone is very good and quick. The camera’s quality is acceptable; however, is not the best.

The E71x has a talk time of 5 hours using GSM and 4.5 hours using 3G. On the whole, if you’re looking for a great business gadget with some terrific features and a reasonable price this is the phone for you.

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