ASUS, one of the most popular brands in the world of computer technology has provided the world with good quality, sturdy built hardware such as the graphics card. One of its best with over clocking features is the ENGTX285 TOP/HDTI/1GD3. It provides a better value compared to its based model.


Graphics Card Specifications:

  • Card Type: Plug-in
  • Interface: PCI Express 2.0
  • Max. Res.: 2560×1600
  • Platform of Dual Card: SLI
  • Speed of Chipset: 670MHz
  • Memory: 1GB, RAM GDDR3, speed 1296MHz, controller 512-bit

This graphics card may not have the awe, astonishing performance compared to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX295 but this graphics card is a little bit closer to it for just having one GPU. It employs factory over clocking and 55nm technology for manufacturing. This is considered to be one of the fastest graphics card out in the market which outperforms the current GPU offered by ATI.

The ENGTX285 TOP/HTD/1GD3 has taken things further than compared to its contemporaries. The core of the system provides factory over clocking, its memory and shader speeds up from 670 MHz to 1296MHz and up to 1550MHz. The model does not stretch the limits of the chipset inside it but rather the clock speed is even higher.

One of the pros of this graphics card is that the even with its size, it has lower consumption with power of 183W compared to other graphics card which consumes 236W. This will give an advantage to the users as they will no longer need to get a bigger power supply. This graphics card requires only two 6-pin connections for power which is opposed to its older cards.

There is one cooling fan with a shroud colored black that covers the whole circuit board so that the air flow maximizes between the memory modules and GPU core. This may not be an effective method for cooling, the single fan keeps the card at 77 degrees when under duress while 50 under idle.

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