It’s Thrill to See How Hard Disk Works

Invented in 1950, Hard disk is Used by every user these days. Now the days Simple Hard disk is being replaced by Solid state drives slowly. But Have you ever wondered how A hard disk works ? I believe you must have thought about it but never tried to know how … Today we are going to explain you basics of hard disk and how they work, store data , retain them and get them whenever you need .

Opened Hard disk
Hard Disk from Inside

Hard disk when first invented in 1950 were huge in size and called Fixed disk or Winchesters (A code name by IBM). Later people started calling them Hard disk so that they can be differentiated from other type of disks (floppy) as Fixed disk was generic name for all kind of disks. The name Hard disk comes from architecture of these disk as these have a Hard platter which contains magnetic material, ultimately responsible for storing data.


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