Quick Look at New Intel Processor

Year 2010 was a huge success year for Intel’s New Core processor range codenamed “Sandy Bridge” and commonly known as i series processors. With the beginning of year 2011 they announced second series of popular i processor or “Sandy bridge” processor. This will maintain lead of Intel in market of computer processors.

Sandy Bridge Graphics+Block
Sandy Bridge Graphics Block

They have announced a total of 30 new processor among which 15 will be Mobile use and 15 are for desktop usage. Among all these maximum number of Mobile processor are 10 i7 Mobile processor out of which is 1 new i7 extreme processor. Clearly they are concentrating on more processing power for mobile devices. which is now in more demand as more and more people preferring for laptops and tablets over Desktops. Future is for Wireless devices, 3d and mobile platforms including web then sitting with old desktop at home.


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