Good Apps For iPad

Application Recommendations That Make the iPad Much More Fun

There are thousands of apps in the iPad app store and except for a few apps, most of them are available internationally. With so many choices, it is only natural that you turn towards expert opinions on good apps for iPad so that you take best advantage of the equipment’s hardware and firmware. Nowadays, iPad is considered as a mini laptop and the apps usually make iPad much more fun to use.

Here are our apps recommendations that we consider to be good apps for iPad:

1. Air Video

Air Video App
Air Video App

Home video entertainment is what gadget lovers want to integrate. There are multiple gadgets with respect to home video and conversion is always a problem. The free Air Video app allows you to watch your videos anywhere from any device. The seamless integration provided by this app not only allows you to watch videos live on your iPad, but also converts the video while you are watching it, saving time. (more…)

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