Good Apps For iPad

Application Recommendations That Make the iPad Much More Fun

There are thousands of apps in the iPad app store and except for a few apps, most of them are available internationally. With so many choices, it is only natural that you turn towards expert opinions on good apps for iPad so that you take best advantage of the equipment’s hardware and firmware. Nowadays, iPad is considered as a mini laptop and the apps usually make iPad much more fun to use.

Here are our apps recommendations that we consider to be good apps for iPad:

1. Air Video

Air Video App
Air Video App

Home video entertainment is what gadget lovers want to integrate. There are multiple gadgets with respect to home video and conversion is always a problem. The free Air Video app allows you to watch your videos anywhere from any device. The seamless integration provided by this app not only allows you to watch videos live on your iPad, but also converts the video while you are watching it, saving time.

2. GoodReader for iPad

With lots of space on iPad and easy to use touch screen interface, you will be dealing with documents in multiple formats. GoodReader app allows you to manage and read various files and folders with your iPad. You can synchronize your documents and files with DropBox, Box.Net, FTP servers, Google Docs and local computers using this app.

3. Kindle for iPad

iPad is obviously used as a portable book reader with large screen and intuitive interface. The iBooks app for iPad is great and works fine, but if you want more choices with respect to books, you need to have Kindle for iPad in your device. The interface of this app is pretty and the selection of books is unbeatable.

Kindle - iPad App
Kindle – iPad App

4. DropBox

If you have a computer and an iPad, you know how important it is to be able to synchronize your contents. You might have already subscribed to DropBox account and in that case, you need to have DropBox app in your iPad. Contents can be directly saved in your device or you can upload contents to your DropBox account directly. It is the best way to have access to all your contents wherever you go.

5. Facebook

There is no point in using latest generation gadget if you don’t stay connected to your friends and pals all the time. The Facebook app is an excellent way to chat with your friends and update your status. Keep your friends close to you with this app.

There are many more good apps for iPad and the list simply gets longer and longer. You can choose from a variety of apps in various categories and what we mentioned above are must haves in your iPad.


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