Genius in iPad

There are several features in the iTunes out of which Genius playlist is a very useful one. The Genius playlist is a collection of songs from the iPad’s library, which can be grouped together as per the taste of the user. The Genius playlist can be created directly and saved on the iPad by the user. The user can also create the Genius playlist in iTunes and can sync them to the iPad. The Genius mix is a selection of songs of the same kind of music, which is recreated from the library, when each time the user listen to the mix.

Genius for iPad
Genius for iPad

The Genius Mixes are synced automatically until the user choose manually which mixes to sync with iTunes. The user needs an Apple ID in order to use Genius, otherwise it is a free service.

If on the main screen you have tapped the Genius tab and at the same time no song is playing currently, a list of songs appears in an alphabetical order and now you need to select a particular song from the playlist, before the Genius playlist gets generated. (more…)

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