Ultimate Boot CD – Another great Diagnotic tool

Ultimate Boot CD ( UBCD) is a bootable CD Several System diagnostic tools which can be used when your computer go kaput or not responding or for any reason it’s not working. It contains several tools which can run several diagnostic utility including few free to use Anti virus and Anti Malware tools.  You can use it to diagnose hard disk problem, network problem, perform low level operation on Hard disk and many other things.

Ultimate Boot CD can be used to run floppy based program from a Cd and can run on better speed than floppy drive. Also these days most system does not comes with floppy drive, but they come with Cd ROM and Netbook are coming only with USB port. Ultimate Boot Cd can be used on a USB drive by using a script available on this CD itself. So if you have access to another computer and you need to run these diagnostic on your netbook you can prepare your USB drive loaded with these utilities and then run the diagnostics.


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Hiren’s Boot CD – The Great Daignostic Utility

Hiren’s BootCD is a bootable CD which contains number of System Diagnostic and maintainance program. It can be used to Boot your system if you Operating system is corrupted and not responding. This CD contains several tools including disk cloning and imaging tools, MBR tools, partitioning agents, data recovery tools, system performance benchmarks, BIOS tools, and Several more which can be used to fix your problems. Several tools contained on Cd does the same thing but they are included on CD to provide users with number of choice and UI options.

Hiren’s Boot CD Menu Screen

Here is a list of tools which are included on the CD —


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