Rabi Cycling to Generate the New Silicon Wafers

After the Mac OS X, the failure to satisfy the Moore’s law is considered as sign of apocalypse in the industry. The law is a mere conclusion from the patterns observed. According to the phenomenon, the silicon chip features are doubling once in 18 months.

Rabi cycling

A photographic circuit image is etched on to silicon wafer with photolithography techniques. The silicon chip circuit etching is controlled by the diffraction limit of light. The current optical and imaging systems fail to make tinier dots of light due to higher limits. Conventionally silicon wafers are coated with photosensitive chemicals on which a circuit image is projected using a projector. The chemical undergoes reaction upon the interference of light rays and washing in acid removes the unexposed portion of the silicon wafer. Light waves excite the chemical molecules which gets destabilized and susceptible to acid wash.


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