The Social Web of Social People

From cave drawings to e-mail messages, human communication has been an evolutionary process. Being deeply social creatures renders communication inevitable for us, human beings. We desire to interact, communicate, live and work with others whom we know and who know us. It Is therefore of little surprise that an information and communications network like the internet is littered with hundreds of social Networking websites. Be it Orkut, FaceBook, MySpace or ApnaSpace or any other social networking website, the popularity of social networking sites has skyrocketed in recent years.

Social web
Social web

In a way it is a micro-phenomenon of a much larger macro-trend that the internet has spawned since its birth, that is, a means of communication and digital self-expression. Although there is some debate as to an actual definition, social networking basically refers to an online community where one connects and Communicates with others on the internet.


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