Review of Transcend SSD18M solid-state drive 128GB

Transcend manufactures portable storage devices like pen drives, external hard drives, etc. at affordable costs. Transcend SSD 18M is a solid-state hard drive which has static parts to store data. The portability of Transcend SSD 18M is an additional bonus. The 128 GB Transcend SSD 18M costs around $440, but it’s worth for the faster transfer speeds, eSata/USB combo and the small foot print.

Transcend SSD18M
Transcend SSD18M

Design specification and features present in Transcend SSD 18M:

Transcend SSD 18M has a subtle design and many other have no idea of what design it is. It has a glossy diamond finish on a black plastic. The logo of Transcend appears in one corner. It covers 8 cm by length, 1.25cm by width and 5cm by height. It contains eSATA and USB port on one side of the drive. Entire weight of this hard drive is 50grams. Dynamic parts and spinning plates are absent in SSD, which proves to be a greater advantage to hard drives. SSD 18M uses a NAND flash memory to save data, which is reliable and offers faster throughput and lesser power consumption. This hard drive contains no software and Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OS X supports this hard drive. 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacity hard drives are available in 1.8inch transcend SSD 18M.


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