Western Digital Caviar SE16 750 GB Hard Drive Review

Western digital is focusing a lot on manufacturing low power consumption products in order to meet the requirements of PC users all over the world. Every possible aspect of hardware and drives are optimized in order to consume low power during operation and especially during idle time. The intelliseek technology of western digital enables lower power consumption and reduces the level of noise created by drive operation. IntelliSeek actuates the actuators exactly when it is required for operation. Western digital officials claim that these advantages did not result by slowing the sleek times. This power saving option never compromises the performance of the drive.

western digital caviar SE 16 750GB
Western Digital caviar SE 16 750GB

Apart from this, 750GB capacity of the drive gives an additional boost to pc enthusiasts. 750GB is packed in 4 perpendicular platters. Reliability is enhanced with internal supports. Each perpendicular platter consists of 188GB. The drive feature 16MB of cache and spindle speed is 7200rpm. Perpendicular magnetic technology is used to store data. In perpendicular recording technology, the data is stored vertically unlike traditional horizontal way. This enables the drive to have increased areal density.

Specification of western digital caviar SE 16 750GB hard drive:


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