Western Digital Caviar SE16 750 GB Hard Drive Review

Western digital is focusing a lot on manufacturing low power consumption products in order to meet the requirements of PC users all over the world. Every possible aspect of hardware and drives are optimized in order to consume low power during operation and especially during idle time. The intelliseek technology of western digital enables lower power consumption and reduces the level of noise created by drive operation. IntelliSeek actuates the actuators exactly when it is required for operation. Western digital officials claim that these advantages did not result by slowing the sleek times. This power saving option never compromises the performance of the drive.

western digital caviar SE 16 750GB
Western Digital caviar SE 16 750GB

Apart from this, 750GB capacity of the drive gives an additional boost to pc enthusiasts. 750GB is packed in 4 perpendicular platters. Reliability is enhanced with internal supports. Each perpendicular platter consists of 188GB. The drive feature 16MB of cache and spindle speed is 7200rpm. Perpendicular magnetic technology is used to store data. In perpendicular recording technology, the data is stored vertically unlike traditional horizontal way. This enables the drive to have increased areal density.

Specification of western digital caviar SE 16 750GB hard drive:

This drive is a regular standard 3.5” drive with a capacity boost of 750GB. External transfer rate can go up to a maximum of 300MB/s. It has a 3GB/s SATA interface. The buffer to disk transfer rate is about 972MBps. The seek time for read and write is 8.9ms and 10.9ms respectively. The rotational latency is 4.2ms as average. The spindle speed of the drive is standard 7,200rpm. 16MB cache is available. The size of the platters is 188GB each and it contains 4 platters. The acoustic level of the drive is 2.9 bels during idle condition and 2.9 to 3.3 during seeking period. Estimated power consumption of the drive when it is in idle is 8.4W and during read and write operation, power consumed is 8.77W. As already mentioned, perpendicular recording technology is used to store data.

Advantages of western digital caviar SE 16 750GB hard drive:

The advantages of this SE 16 hard drive quite evident from the test results obtained. On comparing the results with its rivals, it can be seen that the drive has better performance and faster transfer rates. New technologies incorporated within this drive enables to perform better than its predecessors and its rivals. For example, the stabletrac technology of western digital makes the shaft of the motor to rest on both ends, enabling smooth operation of the drive. This technology prevents environmental vibrations from affecting the working of the drive. Next, the SecurePark technology makes the drive head to stay out of contact from the disk when it is in switched off mode or during spin up and spin down conditions. This will eventually increase the life of the drive head reducing wear largely.

The drive costs around $250 and it is the price is quite nominal. The drive covers either single or three years limited warranty against damage due to mishandling. The difference in warranty depends on the mode of purchase. Buying the drive barely gives complete three-year warranty and buying retail drive kits allows for one-year warranty. The warranty period of the drive plays a crucial part in the sales as its rival Seagate is offering complete five years warranty of its class for its drives.

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