iExplorer HD-The Unsung Tool for Optimal Mobile Access!

Technology is rapidly innovating. We have reached the days when desktop PC’s are about to become reserves rather than the main thing. If you’re amongst the plethora of people who seek to find the best out of mobile access, then the iExplorer HD is definitely the new thing to add on your iPhone.

Major Features on the Surface

On a naive viewpoint, you may think that it’s a replica of the sluggish Internet Explorer due to its name. But, it’s not. It’s a package of all the good stuff you could need whilst on the run.

iExplorerd HD

-Access Cloud Server
Get to play music, view photos or anything under the radar straight from your palms with your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

-Browse the Web

Get to do your research or stream videos all you can, anytime and anywhere.

-Get Your Paperless Docs Set
You can zip and unzip files and view your PDF’s through your mobile device. If need be, get to relay important files to another endpoint with rapid speed rates.
iExplorer HD review

Media Access

iExplorer HD supports a wide spectrum of FTP, NAS and cloud based servers, allowing you to do the following:

  • View high quality and large scaled images
  • Zoom in and zoom out photos
  • Play videos with subtitles
  • Upload and download videos, audios and more from DropBox, SkyDrive and Microsoft Live Mesh

View Files Faster by the Second
If you’re a comic fan, great! iExplorer HD works as a great e-book and comic reader, too! In case you run out of stuff to read, all it takes is a couple of clicks to grasp a couple more goodies to reload your iPhone with.

For added bonus, iExplorer HD can be set to full screen to give you a better view of things that are currently works in progress. Starters and pros are digging for the app with all of its invaluable features that optimizes mobile access – so should you!

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