10 Best Paid Android Apps

Thirty of our most favorite free Android applications have already been given out and now it’s time for our 10 best paid-for Android applications. Yes you got it right, paid for! While developers spend a lot of their time over development phones to develop these new, more polished, and innovative android applications, it seems just right that we shell out a few dollars to reward them even a bit.

Free alternative applications might be available for download but these paid applications are so good that spending a few quid won’t even matter. You can do a lot using these applications; you can tether, customize, share your data, and so many more. These applications are so incredibly stylish that it’s worth every penny you’ll spend. So why wait? Get your virtual wallet now and grab these best Android paid apps before you get left behind.

Here’s the list of our 10 best paid for Android applications you shouldn’t miss:

1. DroidBox Pro — $1.99

Droidbox Pro - Best Paid Apps for Android
Droidbox Pro – Best Paid Apps for Android

If you like the recent DroidBox application then you’ll love this new and enhanced DroidBox Pro. Developers managed to squeeze in new features to this DropBox’s compatible application of enhanced web interface which allows users to create folders, force uploads, and tinkers with things.

2. Plume Premium for Twitter— $2.86

With the pro version of Touiteur now known as Plume premium for Twitter, it brings you to another level of tweeting experience. For a mere 1.99 euros you’ll get a Seesmic like application with home screen widgets, in-app browser, and support for the twitlonger protocol. Plume premium application brings the power user in you.

3. 360 Live — $1.99

With this Android app it brings user grant of limited but impressive access to their Xbox live account. Through this application you can easily manage your friends list, ping messages and compare feats with other gamers. All these for only 1.99 dollars considering the world of Microsoft and Google smashed up into one application.

4. More Icons Widget — $0.99

More Icons Widget - Top Paid Android Apps
More Icons Widget – Top Paid Android Apps

For users who want all their icons in just one screen, then this application is perfect for them. This is a superb enhancement that reduces the sizes and squeeze in four application icons into one single space granting easy access for android users. It may look a bit scruffy on the edges but it works.

5. Beautiful Widgets — $2.86

Bored with your old vanilla-look Android home screen? Then it’s time for you to get a new one. Not a new phone but a new app – the Beautiful Widgets application. Beautiful Widgets is a set of widgets with stunning collections of clock and weather icons bringing your Android phone a sense-like style. This application is said to be a clone of HTC Sense UI but after a few changes on its rejigged fonts it found its way back into the Android Market.

6. Vignette — $4.04

Customize your Android camera to numerous effects and variety of shooting options with a self timer, wacky colorization and geo-tagging tools. Turn your android phone into a sophisticated camera phone. Vignette application together with your Android camera will bring you to the next level of shooting experience.

7. Open Home — $3.99

Open Home - Best Paid App for Android
Open Home – Best Paid App for Android

With this application your android phone would turn into a different look every time. It allows you to customize your home screen and icons together with numerous compatible skin packs. It’s like having your Android OS phone suit your day-to-day style.

8. EasyTether — $9.99

Do you have a hard time logging in to wireless hotspots? Then free yourself from these miseries with EasyTether. It is an application that lets you use any Android phone just like a 3G modem. With EasyTether, your internet browsing is made easier. But before getting this application you might want to check out its free demo. Though it only works for casual browsing and not for secured connections, you’ll fall in love with this application in no time and getting the full application is worth the pay.

9. Documents To Go — $14.99

Documents To Go is an application suited for businessmen or anyone whose jobs require constant access to Excel, PowerPoint and PDF. Its quiet a hassle when you’re in the middle of traffic or stuck in an airport and there are still paper works to deal with. Documents To Go is the answer. You can read or edit PC files right from your phone, anytime anywhere. Though managing a complex Excel spreadsheet might take you some time but at least you got something to work on with.

10. Spotify — £9.99 per month subscription

Spotify - Premium Android Music App
Spotify – Premium Android Music App

Spotify is an application every music lover must have. For 9.99 Euros per month, apart from the latest releases, you’ll have unlimited access to all different types of music. And with its offline synching features you never have to break off listening to your music. This application also allows you to access your PC playlists and enables you to do multi tasking so you can use your phone while streaming at the same time.

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