Origin Genesis – Designed for Gaming

This is the very first system that has new of the Sandy Bridge Core i7 2600K chip of Intel. The system can be over clocked and can be exceeded. With this kind of system, it has provided a platform that is intended for gaming purposes. The Origin Genesis Intel Core i7 has impressive over clocking performance which has established a new standard for price and performance.

Origin Genesis
Origin Genesis


  • 4.7 GHz Intel Core i7 2600 on Intel P67
  • 1.5GB Nvidia Geforce GTX 580
  • 8GB 1,333MHz DDR3 SDRAM
  • DVD-Burner (dual layer)
  • 64GB SSD, 1TB, 7,200rpm WD
  • Windows 7 Home Premium

Not only is the system has good performance for gaming but it also provides efficient power, aside from the over clocking system. The price too is pretty cheap when compared, outpacing its older system even much closer that to the new Intel CPU intended for gaming as well. It has also lived up to its commitment in providing sturdy build quality.

The disadvantages of this system are that the rigging cable for the drive bay could do a little bit tidying and a more powerful power supply so that it can support a secondary graphics card.

The case of the CPU is clean enough which is called Lian Li PC-8NWX and the HDD bay on the front panel are lockable which also offers convenient access and added to that, security. The design of Origin offers much of what is expected to the range of its price. The bays of the internal had drive does not turn up together with data cables and power which is rear-mounted. If there are plans of adding up extra drives the interior will look cluttered. Overall, the interior is still tidy and clean for now, even when there is the presence of a large cooling system in it.

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