Galaxy Unveils GTX 460 Razor Edition Graphics Card

Galaxy has announced the GTX 460 Graphics Card called the 460 Razor Edition. It is the world’s only single slot one chip version Graphics Card.

Specifications :

GTX460 Razor is the extention of the standard version using 336 stream processors, 256-bit bus, core processor frequency of 675MHz, shader processor frequency of 1350MHz, along with 256-bit 1GB GDDR5 memory having an effective of 1800MHz and 3600MHz as Quad Pumped. Output interfaces use a DVI port along with a DisplayPort. Galaxy supplies an adapter for DVI to VGA conversion along with the card. Note that there is no SLi bridge.

Technology :

The card’s Thermal design is based on the vacuum chamber cooling technology principle, using one fan of fairly large diameter and a large surface area of copper cooling block. Card thickness is a mere 14.2mm. Card length is 267mm with a height of 111 mm. The card features standard 2×6 pin connectors. Galaxy uses all Japanese capacitors. GeForce GTX 460, together with its cooling system occupies the space of only a single expansion slot on the motherboard. The entire card is covered with a stylish looking aluminum heatsink. Because this is a single slot card, there could be multiple cards running in a system without worries about heating issues, since there would be plenty of room for air circulation – mainly due to the low profile of the Razor GTX 460.

Availability :
Till date, there is no information on the price or availability in India. Being a Limited Edition model, it may not be available abundantly. In India, Galaxy’s distributers are Technology and Gadgets, TAG. GeForce GTX 460 that has been on sale in the Japanese market, the version of model is “GF PGTX460/1GD5 KATANA” or the “Samurai Sword”, is priced about $290. The domestic version is better known as the ” GTX 460 unparalleled”.

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