Review of western digital caviar green 2TB WD20EADS

There is always a greed for humans to get more and more. When it comes to technology, researchers want to invent much advanced technology making humans comfortable. Computer industry is now booming around the world. Important aspect of using computers is its storage capacity. Some people need hard drives with huge capacities to store their massive data archive, music, video and other multimedia files, etc. In order to satisfy their needs, western digital launched its 2TeraByte single hard drive.

Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB WD20EADS
Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB WD20EADS

First ever 2TB storage capacity in one single drive:

The cost of this hard drive is around $300. 2TB WD20EADS is far better than other high capacity storage devices and Western Digital achieved world’s first drive having 2TeraByte in single drive. Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 holds the honour for highest capacity of 1.5TB before Western Digital. It has four 500GB platters and each contains 400Gigabits per square inch. This drive occupies a place in WD’s Green Power Line of Hard Disk Drives, as it is eco friendly and consuming low power for working.

Performance of western digital caviar green 2TB WD20EADS:

This 2TB drive performs more than average under most conditions. When compared with its toughest rival, Seagate’s Barracuda 7200.11 1TB, it performed better than its rival did. It ranked 5 in the PC World Test Center benchmarks, one rank ahead of its rival. It proved to be far better than its sibling Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB was WD10EACS as it completed 9 in the overall performance ranking. Since performance of 2TB hard drive is above average, it failed to compete with its best performer Western Digital’s RE3 Enterprise 500GB and Western Digital VelociRaptor.

2TB WD20EADS drive gave a tough competition when it was tested for write-intensive disk imaging test. It took 112 to complete “write files and folders” test and 92 seconds to complete “write large files” test. It almost lagged behind the best performers by 12 seconds or less.

Technologies in 2TB balancing its high cost:

Western Digital incorporated several technologies in their 2TB WD20EADS drive and they claim that high cost of this drive is balanced by the technology and performance. For example, in order to provide a steady and accurate head tracking during read and write operation, a Stable Trac is provided, which holds the motor shaft securely at both ends thus reducing vibrations at shaft ends. IntelliPower maintains and controls the spin speed balance, rate of transfer and power consumption and performance balance. IntelliSeek enables this drive to consume low power, reduce noise level and vibration by optimizing the seek speed. In addition, the No Touch Ramp-Load technology of Western Digital helps the recording head to stay out of contact from the disk media.

Though the overall cost of 2TB drive looks high, it cost only $0.15 per gigabyte. This cost per gigabyte is acceptable when compared with other drives in market. People with huge data collection will never give a pause for buying this drive because it enables them to have all their data under one single roof. It also enables them to categorize all their grouped data, which will be useful for them when they retrieve it.

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