Bluetooth Glossary

In the Bluetooth technology the most utilized features are given below.  This will help one to learn more above this technology.

Hand set 2 in 1

It gives network connection to the hand set as a remote to the base unit.


This refers to Third generation and the digital phone technology.

WLAN 802.11

A feature with wireless application LAN by the IEEE


There are three types such as IAC, DAC and CAC. All these base bank start with a code.


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Know Different Bluetooth Profiles for Best Performance

Bluetooth technology is elaborated in its profile. It can be said as slices in the protocol stack and defines the ability in a protocol which are found in the profile.

For a protocol each parameter ranges are in the profile. Profile reduces the interoperability trouble in between different products. These in anyway not increase the specification of the Bluetooth. Owing to this reason one can add profiles if it is necessary.  The Bluetooth specified technology is same but the method that is put into used is defined.

Generic Access Profile or GAP in which all profiles are based on. In the GAP list,- 9 profiles and they are mentioned below:

  1. Audio/Video Remote Control – AVRCP
  2. Extended Service Discovery Profile – ESDP
  3. Common ISDN Access  – CIP
  4. PUBLIC Area Network Profile – PAN
  5. Hardcopy Cable Replacement – HCRP
  6. Generic Audio/Visual Distribution  – GAVDP
  7. Advanced Audio Distribution  – A2DP
  8. Video Distribution Profile – VDP
  9. Human Interface Device  – HID


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