Bluetooth Glossary

In the Bluetooth technology the most utilized features are given below.  This will help one to learn more above this technology.

Hand set 2 in 1

It gives network connection to the hand set as a remote to the base unit.


This refers to Third generation and the digital phone technology.

WLAN 802.11

A feature with wireless application LAN by the IEEE


There are three types such as IAC, DAC and CAC. All these base bank start with a code.




The two methods of data connectivity that are named for Bluetooth are called Asynchronous Connectionless Link.


This is the short code of Authenticated Ciphering Offset.


When you switch on to active mode the device will activate and perform it function.  The master will transmit accordingly to the difference channels.


This is the short code for Access Point.


This helps to verify the user at the other end before the link is activated.

Device for authentication

This is a device which keeps the etherification of the currently used link and act according to the procedure without further permission unless the normal procedure is corrected or amended.

Base band

This shows the description of digital signaling feature of the hardware – this is the controller that performs base band protocols.


This is the short code for abbreviation of base band.


This short code reveals the device name Bluetooth Device


This is short code for Bit Error Rate.

These above given are short term code use for the functions and performance with the device Bluetooth. Bluetooth has become one of the best devices in the field of wireless technology and it devices has exceeded the hundreds. You can say that this is the beginning of the Bluetooth booming out and may expect lot more in time to come.

If this is the first time you have heard of the technology of Bluetooth the terms already mentioned above will be of very useful.  Other than these name there are number of terms used for the Bluetooth. Most of these terms are almost similar to the one that is used now.  You can study not only these terms but some more regarding the Bluetooth device. All these depend on how fast you learn to understand the technology of the Bluetooth device.

The glossary terms used in the Bluetooth devices have to be understood in order to gain a good knowledge of the abbreviation that are used in this device. You need not get complicated with the meaning but you brush up these terms, they will help you to familiarize within a short period.

Practice make perfect. Hence whenever you find the new terms in the Bluetooth technology even at home or office be in touch with it and you will find how soon you will grasp and understand the meaning of them. Manuals and books has vast amount of information in this regard. Reading of these articles will enhance the knowledge in the field of Bluetooth wireless technology.

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