Know Different Bluetooth Profiles for Best Performance

Bluetooth technology is elaborated in its profile. It can be said as slices in the protocol stack and defines the ability in a protocol which are found in the profile.

For a protocol each parameter ranges are in the profile. Profile reduces the interoperability trouble in between different products. These in anyway not increase the specification of the Bluetooth. Owing to this reason one can add profiles if it is necessary.  The Bluetooth specified technology is same but the method that is put into used is defined.

Generic Access Profile or GAP in which all profiles are based on. In the GAP list,- 9 profiles and they are mentioned below:

  1. Audio/Video Remote Control – AVRCP
  2. Extended Service Discovery Profile – ESDP
  3. Common ISDN Access  – CIP
  4. PUBLIC Area Network Profile – PAN
  5. Hardcopy Cable Replacement – HCRP
  6. Generic Audio/Visual Distribution  – GAVDP
  7. Advanced Audio Distribution  – A2DP
  8. Video Distribution Profile – VDP
  9. Human Interface Device  – HID

Bluetooth device applications are described in the usage models. It is also described in the relative profiles that are put into use.  These models are described mainly in three categories.  They are Personal Area Networking – PAN, Voice/Date Access points, and Peripheral interconnects.

By using the wireless technology, data and voice are now transmitted to computers.  Without wire it is possible to transfer data. The requirement of cables or wire necessary to connect to transmit data or voice is done away with after the introduction of wireless technology.

For people involved in business PAN model has become very useful. Bluetooth connections are not very hard to set up. It can be used in any environment, with much no hard work and within a few second. If business magnates are required for a trade show and they have to call there for uplift of business and relative talk, it can be done within a split of a second or two. Instead of contacting them by transmitting g  messages through Infrared , one can make use of the Bluetooth wireless technology and contact them through business cards which is easily and quickly transmitted via the Bluetooth device. Not only business card, there are other documents if necessary, can also be transmitted through Bluetooth.  The usage and possibilities in this technology of Bluetooth device are endless.

Specification in the Bluetooth is necessary and can be performed more work according to it. You can put into use, devices and other peripheral as per profiles and perform what is required   without wasting much time.

Your can decide on the profile and get extra performances  on the Bluetooth devices. You can decide what performance to do if you can go through the Profiles of Bluetooth technology. If you possess a Bluetooth all the imagination can be put into use. With Bluetooth device if you familiarize you task and daily work, you will not like to be part with it, because it is so convenient and easy that within a split of second most number of task can be completed.

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