Apple’s New iPod Touch

Apple has recently released the new version of the Apple iPod Touch, which has exceeded expectations. Initially, there were people who thought it might not be something great or really look forward to and thought of it as just another new iPod coming into the market

Apple’s New iPod Touch
Apple’s New iPod Touch

Many may not have thought that the newer version would actually surpass the original; however the developers have made sure that it does. Features that were missing from the original iPod touch which cost around $299 have been added to the newer and cheaper iPod touch which cost only $229. This happens to be pretty cheap considering all the great features that are being offered.

The design has been enhanced; it’s much slimmer than the original Touch, with a measurement of 4.1 in by 2.4 in by 0.33 in and weighs around 4 ounces only.

The newer iPod touch is almost in the same league as the iPhone, with its wireless internet connection that allows accessing internet, touch screen and the videos and music being played in the same way as the iPhone.

Initially when the first iPod Touch came out there were complaints about it not having built in speakers for listening to music with speakers. Also there was no volume button for music. This time around while creating the newer Touch, the developers made sure that those problems weren’t there. The new Touch has a volume button the left and a speaker at the bottom.

In addition, Touch turns out to be a pretty cheap phone as well. Initially people were surprised as Apple also started selling headphones with a microphone, at the price of $29.  Well, the users can easily download third party software from the internet on iTunes and turn it into a Skype phone when connected to the Web. This saves you the money by actually avoiding the cost of signing up for a one or two year contract with a phone company.

Not only that, but people also enjoy it as a handheld gaming device, usually playing games like slots on it in their spare time.

The newer Touch has come out from the background in the dark into the limelight. It will no longer be considered as just one of the Apple’s high quality iPods, but rather as top notch gadget with multiple useful features. The Newer version of iPod touch is cheaper than old ones as well. Also it comes with 3 different memory sizes (8GB, 16GB & 32 GB).

That’s not it, you can use new iPod touch for variety of purposes, which includes playing music, watching videos or movies, & playing many favorite games. iTunes market place is full of variety of games which can be played on iPod touch. I am sure you can find one as per you requirements.  Newer version is also capable of Internet browsing as it has the Wi-Fi inbuilt. what else you need from a portable Music device ?

Finally, this device is everything and more one can expect from the newer version of the iPod Touch.

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